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    Deviantart staff application (open)



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    Deviantart staff application (open)

    Post by Nekare on Thu Dec 06, 2012 5:49 pm

    Since we have been opening an deviantart chat do we need a staff team that can help us with the deviantart chat.
    The staff of the deviantart chat for dragon powers will be in the staff team, and I think this staff team will be a big team since we do have chatland staff, forum staff and deviantart chat staff, and I think this big staff team will do a good job together!! Wink

    You can get more info about this here: http://dragonpowers.forumotion.com/t84-the-staff-team-is-getting-bigger-and-bigger-dd#188

    If you are interested to try to be in the staff team, and moderate and administrate the deviantart chat, then you can feel free to try this application and send it in to Nekare or Galaxys :)


    1) Are you very known with the devianart chat stuff?

    2) Have you been an admin or moderator at any sites before?

    3) What do you have as you think we want?

    4) how often will you be online?

    5) What will you do to help Dragon powers?

    6) What rank are you most interestet in? (Alpha, Beta, Gamma or helper)

    7) Do you promise to do the best to help the chat?

    (more may be added if I see it is needed)


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