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    Summer updates!


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    Summer updates!

    Post by Pamme on Sun Jul 03, 2016 9:54 pm

    Hey Guys!

    2016 Summer updates for Dragon powers :D

    Like a Star @ heaven Let's give a warm welcome to the admin team and the new admins!

    Nekare -Owner
    Jack -Beta
    Scur -Beta
    KazooSmoo -Beta

    Anakin -Gamma
    Rihn- Helper
    Purriku -Helper
    CherryLimeSoda -Helper
    Keiro -Helper

    Like a Star @ heaven We have new pose sets as well, more to come so keep checking back!

    Like a Star @ heaven We are an all aged chatsite, some rooms are 13+!

    Like a Star @ heaven  More fun activities will be hosted!

    Like a Star @ heaven The bodyshop glitch has been fixed, if you are still having issues with any other glitches please contact an admin, send in a problem ticket, or email us at dragonpowers@outlook.com

    Like a Star @ heaven Enjoy your stay on dragon powers!

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