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    Event Committee members



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    Event Committee members

    Post by Nekare on Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:55 pm

    Hello all!
    We do need members for the event committee, and now we would like to let the members to join!
    All you need is to send a message to me where you answers those questions:

    What is your chatland account?
    What's your forum account?
    Tell a little about why you want to be a member of the event committee:

    Some rules you should have in your mind when you send me a pm about to join:
    • You need to have a forum account and a chatland account.
    • You have to be mature, but all wishes will be written up at the list.
    • You also have to be active in the forum and the chatland.

    What is the event committee?
    The event committee is a group in the chat that can find games, plays, contests and other fun for the users in the chatland and the forum.

    Who controls the wishes and leads this committee?
    Right now we do only have 3 members in the group, and those are our betas Reby and Foxrabies, and me (Nekare).
    We 3 will be the leaders of the group, and will be the persons who contacts the members to a meeting and writes reports about the meeting, and sends them to me.

    How many can join?
    Right now, in the start, I think we only would need 5 users to join. That means 8 members of the group with leaders and members.

    Would it be positive to me to join the committee?
    You would get better contact with the admins, and members would look up at you. Members of the event committee do help the chat alot, and you will be a part of a group.
    (You will also get you forum name colored in the "event committee" color, and other members can see in your sniff at the bottom that you're a member of the event committee group c:)
    Members may also contact you to give some suggestions.
    It's also free to join!
    All you have to do is ^^^^ sending me a pm with answers at the answers over :)

    Good luck!


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    Re: Event Committee members

    Post by Kilala on Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:57 pm

    1.) My account name is Kilala

    2.) My forum account is Kilala

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    Re: Event Committee members

    Post by saebrea on Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:59 am

    Kilala dont post your answers PM Nekare instead please :)

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    Re: Event Committee members

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