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    What's new in the chatland right now? (02.12.2014)



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    What's new in the chatland right now? (02.12.2014)

    Post by Nekare on Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:57 am

    Happy 2. december!
    I have some news to share so you all know what's going on in the chatland right now! :) We love changes, so here's a little list of what we're planning, and what's new. Wink

    * We have got new amazing rooms that looks more realistic. They're stunning, you can all get new ideas for RP's or even only relax and chat with your friends in them. It's hard to get tired of them.

    * We have also got alot of new pose sets, as the wyvern dragon, eastern dragon, various dragons and many more. We are working on a list over the different sets you can find in the chat, but it's not finished yet. There are also more pose sets that are being worked on right now by different artists, but I don't want to spoil which one. Wink

    * Dragon Powers is no longer an all aged chat. The admins decided to change it from all aged to 13+.

    * We have a new homepage, but it takes a while before we get it up, unfortunately. :/

    * We are also working with new ideas for events, contests and games for you to enjoy! So stay with us! :D

    I hope you all will like the changes, and we're open to take suggestions with us! :)


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