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    Dragon's Gem Game

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    Dragon's Gem Game Empty Dragon's Gem Game

    Post by Limpy on Tue Jul 14, 2015 11:31 pm


    Host chooses one person out of the entire room to hold the Gem
    Everyone pairs up in two's (Note; If there is one person without a partner, the host can pair with them or they could sit out. Their choice.)
    As a pair, people must come up with who they think is holding the gem. One person from each of the pairs' needs to whisper the host who they and their partner think has the gem
    If the person guessed the most is wrong, the group of people who voted for that incorrect person is out, even if it's the entire room.
    If it's correct, the Gem holder, and his/her partner are out, but s/he needs to whisper someone else in the room and give them the gem.
    The round starts over, but the people who got out in the previous game are still out.
    The game continues until there is at least one or two people left.
    If there are two players left, ONE person from the 'bench' (people who are out) will be chosen randomly. (The previous Gem Holder most definitely WILL NOT be chosen) That person must go solemnly on instinct and guess who the Gem Holder is. They have only 15 seconds to choose.
    If they guess wrong, the Gem Holder will win. If they guess right, the player not holding the Gem wins.
    (Note; more than 6 players are needed to play.)


    DO NOT
    Tell ANYONE in the room you are the Gem Holder!
    Tell ANYONE in the room, (except the host), who you give the gem to!
    If you are sitting out/you are out and know who the Gem Holder is, DO NOT announce it!
    DO NOT blame someone else for your outing!
    DO NOT throw a fit after getting out!
    DO NOT use any slurs against ANYONE after getting out!
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    Dragon's Gem Game Empty Re: Dragon's Gem Game

    Post by Martyr on Wed Jul 15, 2015 1:47 am

    this sounds like a really fun game
    if it's ever played id love to participate!!

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