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    The different ranks



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    The different ranks Empty The different ranks

    Post by Nekare on Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:09 pm

    As most of you already know, Dragon Powers has different ranks. Each rank has a specific icon, color, and ability. That's why I decided to write some info about the ranks. :)

    The different ranks Alpha: Alpha - When you see an user with this icon behind their name, you can be sure it is an alpha. You can also tell it by the color on their name. We decided to match the colors with the icon, so the alphas names are red, like they are in the forum. Alphas are the highest rank of admins.  

    The different ranks Beta: Beta - The nice blue letter, that also looks like water, is the beta icon. Users with those icons are betas, and are the second highest ranked admins in the chat. Their names are also colored blue both in the forum and the chat.

    The different ranks Gamma: Gamma - This green, grass looking icon is the icon for gammas. Like their icons, are also their names green, and they're based on the grass element. They are the first rank of admin on chat.

    The different ranks Helper: Helper - We also like to count helpers as admins in the chat, because they can kick from rooms and enforce rules. Helpers are almost like admins in training. Their symbol is a Delta, and their color is based on the power of air/wind. Their name is light blue on the chat and forum.

    The different ranks Subordinate: Subordinate - The normal users have this icon, and their name color is white. White is the pureness that holds the other elements together, just as our users hold together our admins and chat!

    Now for our Teams!

    A Team can include admins or subordinates, and they do special jobs for chat. These symbols are only used on our forums! You'll have to check the bottom of user's sniffs to be sure what Teams they are on for chat. Keep in mind that on the forum, for admins, their names will not be the color of the team that they are on! Admins will always keep their admin rank color, but they will have their rank listed under their names.

    The different ranks ANcd47o: Communications Team - This Team works to email users and inform them why they are banned, restricted, or are having problems on chat in general. Their pink icons matches their pink forum names.

    The different ranks AsZSP4j: Tech Support Team - This Team reads and responds to Problem Tickets and fixes problems, or informs other admins of issues at hand. Their work spans from fixing glitches in the chat to helping a user who is applying for a ban repeal. Their purple icons match their purple forum names.

    The different ranks V2lRnT9: Art Review Team (ART) - Everyone seems to love this Team, because they check all the uploaded poses, rooms, and objects! They deal with art theft and make sure that the art uploaded is up to standards for chat use. Their yellow icons match their yellow forum names.

    The different ranks ZnCp9Oi: Event Committee - This Team may not have "team" in the name, but it sure is one! This Team plans all of the fun events, contests, and prizes for chat. Their brown-red names match their brown-red icons.

    The different ranks XnCaJk5: Forum Moderator - This Team is of those who moderate the forum. They administrate it just as the admins would administrate DP! All DP admins can be Forum Moderators, but some users can help out with this as well.

    I hope this helped explaining rank icons and colors in Dragon Powers chatland! :)

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    The different ranks Empty Re: The different ranks

    Post by LeNormalWulf on Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:18 am

    Such beautiful examples!! I love how you described them <3

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