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    LeNormalWulf's Ref/Character Vincent

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    LeNormalWulf's Ref/Character Vincent Empty LeNormalWulf's Ref/Character Vincent

    Post by LeNormalWulf on Sat Jul 04, 2015 1:10 pm

    LeNormalWulf's Ref/Character Vincent 69164z

    Name: Vincent Bauer
    Age: 16
    Height:4'9 (Midget)
    Hair Color: Blue Tips (Neon) and Pastel Pink Hair.
    Mate: None ;-; //LeCri
    Friends:Kayla (Hellsangelgirl on chats)
    Parents: None
    Body Type: Curvy/Skinny
    Bio:Loong story
    Personality: Sweet, loving, kind weird, derpy, happy, grumpy, cute, fluffy and lastly....adorable!!


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