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    Quiz about Dragon Powers Empty Quiz about Dragon Powers

    Post by Nekare on Wed Apr 15, 2015 3:54 pm

    Hello everybody! :D
    I think it’s time to hold a new contest, so I chose to have a quiz contest this time! I have tried to make the questions so they doesn't get too easy, or too hard.
    The contest is like this: you may still have a good chance to win even if you don’t answer all the questions, but you should try to answer them all as your result may be better! :) If there are users that gets the same result, it will be draw of the winner. Send the questions with the answers to me, Nekare.
    The contest last until Friday 1st of May.

    I am sure you are really excited about the prizes? There will be 2 winners of this contest where the 1st place winner gets 1.50 deltas, and the 2nd place winner gets 0.50 deltas.
    Here are the questions:

    1) How many admins does Dragon Powers have?
    2) Which pose set was the first set at Dragon Powers?
    3) How many years is Dragon Powers this year?
    4) Who is the founder of Dragon Powers?
    5) There is a person who has been loyal to Dragon Powers since it opened, and this person has drawn most of the pose sets that we have in our bodyshop. What’s the username of this person?
    6) What colors are the different ranks (alpha, beta, gamma, helper, subordinate)?
    7) What is the mascot for Dragon Powers named?
    8) What colors do the mascot have on his/her reference?
    9) Who is the artist that drew Dragon Powers adult dragon?
    10) What does it means when a pose set is tri-colored and what does tri-color do to the poses?
    11) What is the minimum age to be online on Dragon Powers?
    12) What server is Dragon Powers placed on?

    I wish you all who want to enter a good luck, and I am excited to read your answers and select a winner! :D
    Enjoy, and take care, I am open to answer questions if you wonder about something!


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