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    Admin Applications (OUTDATED)



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    Admin Applications (OUTDATED) Empty Admin Applications (OUTDATED)

    Post by Nekare on Tue Jun 12, 2012 8:47 pm

    We have a new method of taking admin applications! Please apply here: Admin ApplicationOr clickling on 'Admin application' under the logo!

    The chatland is opening, so now we need more admins :)
    Please read those rules before sending the app to me. http://dragonpowers.forumotion.com/t245-info-about-the-applications

    Please, send an answer on this message as a pm to Nekare :)

    1.)Why do you want to be an Admin?

    2.) What do you have as you think we want? :)

    3.)Why do you think Admins are needed in the chatlands?

    4.)How old are you?(This may or may not effect your application)

    5.)User A is bothering User B soon others start to join. What would
    you do?

    6.)User C asks to become an Admin , What do you do?

    7.)User C ignores and asks again to become an Admin. What should you do?

    8.) What rank are you planing to be?(You Probably might not get the rank you want.)

    9.)Will you behave and have correct grammar? Will you respect your fellow members and help when needed?

    10.) How often will you be on?(This may or may not effect your application)

    11.) Have you ever been an Admin? What Rank and how long? what chat?

    12.) how many accounts do you have in the chatlands and forum? and what's their name?

    13.) what would you do if you had to go on a trip for a few days?

    14.) Tell some of the rules you know about the chatland.

    15.) What would you do to help the site to get more members?

    16.) what would you do to help the chat?

    17.) Do you promise to do the best for the chat?

    18.) What do you like best to work as? (maybe you get the choice :]
    Forum moderator
    Chat police
    Art rewiever
    Event commitee
    Tech support team

    Good luck!

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