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    Info about the applications (OUTDATED)



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    Info about the applications (OUTDATED)

    Post by Nekare on Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:14 pm

    We have a new method of taking admin applications! Please apply here: Admin ApplicationOr clickling on 'Admin application' under the logo!
    The admin applications are now open, but there are still some rules you have to follow before you take the app.
    * You have to be 16 or older.
    * You have been at chatlands for at least one month.
    * Haven't broken a rule in at least 2 months.
    * You know the rules.
    * You may have an account in the forum!
    * You don't have any rank on any other chat at this moment

    I am following some new methods when I am promoting people this time.
    Users will first have to send this application to me either in the forum or in the chat.
    Then if their app is good, and I want to see more of you, you will get promoted as a helper, where you will work while you get watched. If the work you do is good enough, after a week, you will either get promoted or demoted or stay as an helper.
    We will try to not have so many helpers this time, so if you stay as a helper, it means I will give you some more time.

    The application to be a forum mod:
    * you have to be 13+.
    * You know how to moderate posts as a forum moderator.
    * You know the rules of the forum.
    * You will always do the best to help the forum to get popular and active.

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    Re: Info about the applications (OUTDATED)

    Post by DarkScar on Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:07 pm

    Sounds good, Nekare! :3

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